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MoneyStream version 1.6

MoneyStream version 1.6 is out on google store


MoneyStream is in Alpha development. But there is a lot you can do with it!

Release notes for 1.6
- Improved UI
- Monetization on/off switch
- stores browser history in unwriter's TXT transaction store
- Browser session metadata (site, duration, amount, etc) can be hashed and stored privately with the transaction. You now own your browser session.
- An Explorer link in the menu that takes to you a directory of MoneyStream monetized sites
- bug fixes (and probably new bugs, report any bugs to the devs)


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link Tip
unwriter tipped:
0.02 USD
2 years ago
pete tipped:
Maybe a minor bug: the extension on Chrome keeps sort of cycling the Money Button payment slider. It's visible like 1 second, then closes and reloads.
pete replied:
BTW. Nice UI on the new version. ☺️
@pete, I love what you are doing with https://starburst.link/ Can you apply the same (or similar) background and color scheme to https://monstr.link/ ? No rush
pete tipped:
0.02 USD
2 years ago
pete replied:
😬 👈 unironically that face. Monstr.link has a light and dark theme that is in fact superior to that of Starburst.link.