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BSV Business Ideas

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Would there be a demand for Goole Auth type of app using BSV chain? I really don't like Google Auth because it's such a nightmare when you change your phone and is it really not controlled by Google?
isaacmorehouse tipped:
0.03 USD
2 years ago
Money Button will become like Google Auth, it already has OAuth.
I use the LastPass one, leaps better (changing phone is easy and no technical barrier). Would be interesting to keep these keys on BSV.
kenshishido tipped:
0.01 USD
2 years ago
kenshishido replied:
yes, the password manager is another thing. I was wondering when we start using on-chain passoword manager then would we need 2FA type of things using Google Auth.
vegardwikeby replied:
It will be likely a bridge between or some revilolutionary easy to add security to any software/website for any person, then maybe we skip it.