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For anyone loving music theory, i am working on a project to help study scales, and tune & learn different instruments. Any feedback is highly appreciated. https://electroaitana.com/music_scales/ #music #musica #scales #geometry #escalas #geometria
I ll wait for the drumer version :)
samooth replied:
Haha! good one, i will include even "the repique"
Hey :) nice to see another music theory lover 👋👋👋
samooth replied:
Hello :) !!! Really nice to meet you. Is not very common to find people who appreciate this side of music.
misha_pelt replied:
Yeah, I know!
misha_pelt replied:
This project you are working at, are you trying to monetize it? Or is it a hobby for you? I ask, because I do try to monetize my guitar concept. Do not have a clear path yet ...
samooth replied:
It is a hobby and educational project, for me it was important to save the world music scales database (on-chain now). Next step will be to harmonize and show possible chords on the selected scale. Of course my tool is not understood without a teacher or without being a free soul really interested on this. I saw your website and love your project. You are free to use it if it's convenient for you. It is really important to have someone that explains correctly scales and intervals. I searched for you on search engines and only an old link that don't work appears, so i will recommend to make an intro video on youtube, and also index your website with google, bing and yandex webmaster tools to gain organic visibility. Wish you the best luck!
misha_pelt tipped:
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1 year ago
misha_pelt replied:
Thank you very much :) I will write you later today from computer ;)
misha_pelt replied:
I messaged you :)