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Jewish culture has outlived both Egyptian and Roman culture. Now ask yourself who's culture you should be abiding by if you want to create a long-lived society.
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1 year ago
I celebrated the Sabbath with the Messianic Jews this weekend. feels good man
The secret is the law: Do not steal, lie, commit adultary, murder or covet. Honor your elders. Egypt, Rome and current global culture reject all of these. Those who do not learn from history will repeat it. (Of course, if you reject God you will reject his law also)
Wake up. This is Rome.
A space oriented culture to allow civilisation to propagate beyond the death of our star.
Aboriginal Australian.
True indeed.
I pick Judeo-Christian culture.
The long-lived culture is actually rooted on Prophet or God Messenger starting from Adam until Muhammad. They have the same principles which is kept securely by generations. Only peripheral practices that are different one another. The will not be exactly same culture over generations. But, the biggest principle can be.
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