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With some people I actually LIKE talking roundball on a social network (for once), we need some surveys now@unwriter ! Who do you like to win the wacko 2020 season chip? Lakers: Refs are gonna pave the way for LeBron, plus they probably a top 2 team without injury. Will never happen but would love to see Portland upset. Listened to interview on Lowe Post and McCollum seems a tad weak-minded for playoff basketball. Dame is money. Clippers: Refs might make them struggle thru and be tired by time they get to conference semis. Bucks: smooth sailing in the east if they can just live up to the hype. Miami: NEVER under-estimate Pat Riley. I love this team and Riley. Jimmy Butler even wins a single series and it's testament to how great he truly is. It's a band of misfit toys. Boston or Toronto? Houston or OKC? Fun matchup given the trade histories! Who isn't tired of Houston by this point? Denver Utah? Both seem to be missing something.
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2 years ago
Speaking of refs shaping the game... Interesting article on how the playoffs in the bubble are changing the ref's attention sphere. Due to lack of crowd noise, they can hear assistant coaches yelling and players bemoaning more than ever. I sense some heavy technical foul issuance if/as the various series get tight and passions flare (and egos get bruised)!
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2 years ago
john replied:
Interesting thought, some say home town CROWD is reason refs cause a 2-5 pt home team advantage. So this year is a great experiment!