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Within your circle of friends, do most own BSV also?
They are all sheep
They believe the mass media narrative that "crypto is scam", which, ironically, isn't totally untrue.
None of them even own any crypto. I’m not going to badger them about bsv, one day they will have a need to use some service or app which uses bsv and then they will.
I get the 1000 yard stare when mentioning anything digital currency related to family and friends unfortunately. My take is most people don't really get excited or invested in something with future potential. If it saves or makes them money in the here and now then they'll take interest so if the ecosystem keeps growing then maybe I'll try again but instead show them a killer app they're missing out on vs talking about technicals of what makes good money.
Thanks for your replies@danlazo@benjamin@musiq@hermes Have you tried onboarding friends to BSV? If not, why not? I ask because I’m thinking about onboarding friends to BSV in a more explicit way and wondering what the most skilful way would be. @unwriter is there a way to multi-send tips with a single wipe?
unwriter replied:
> is there a way to multi-send tips with a single wipe? Not at the moment but I understand the need, the UX will be important, will think about it more.
danlazo replied:
No, because there are no real products to use with BSV. Wallets and social media are not enough. "Get this because is the future" is not enough of a pitch.
One third of my friends owns BSV. I have three friends.
Im working on getting friends first 😂
Nope. The entire crypto land is nothing more than a fringe culture if you look at it from the outside though.
Nobody in my circle even knows what bitcoin (of any variety) is... They've heard of it, but no idea what it means or are familiar with satoshi or blockchains or any of the other aspects.