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Part 4: Click here to start from the beginning https://powping.com/posts/d6491f913527b5cecd459d202d498644ad380089fb0da21f8035d20af89478ea (A random number generator was used to make this selection because there was a tie for the last one.) “Listen Hicks, I appreciate you coming out all this way, but like I said it’s not for sale.” You look to Adam, “Take us home.” “You’re making a big mistake.” Hicks manages to blurt out before his hologram vanishes from your dash. Hours later you’re relaxing at home scrolling through holofeeds when you stop on a news broadcast. An attractive young woman wearing a respirator stands before a barren stretch of Martian landscape. A graphic at the bottom of the hologram reads: Argyre Basin. “The Martian Overworld Authority is offering a reward of one million bits for information leading to the capture of rogue android Lilith 6933. She is considered dangerous and should not be approached by anyone without a license to apprehend fugitives.” You notice that Adam is paying unusually close attention to the broadcast. Was he involved in her escape? Do you... A) Ask him, “Didn’t you pass through the Argure Basin yesterday?” B) Be more direct and ask, “Do you know anything about this runaway android?” C) Keep your suspicions to yourself.
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I think C could be a good way to go... stay aloof, keep away from suspicious behaviour that would show my cards and wait for a better moment to find out if he has gone rogue... maybe it would give better results to talk when doubt was not such a pressing issue... if he is still a good bot and has evolved to understand mistrust, it would be nice to save him from that hassle.... as@pete said so well, he could even have reached capacity for free will.
If Adam follows Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics then we shouldn't be worried about asking him directly (B). But the behavior of Lilith 6933 suggests androids could have reached the point of A.I. where they have "free will". I'm supporting the option A. 🙂