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CoinGeek Conference NYC/London/Virtual

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Multi-tasking while watching conference... editing the next@diamondsintherough episode which will come out tonite (or tomorrow afternoon) to prepare you for the weekend analysis of all the new companies on BSV from the conference. It's the first of our "Investment ICON" series-- this one is titled "Sharing is Caring" and teaches the ground-floor methods for obtaining fully diluted sharecount for the public companies you love to follow. We do Snapchat and Unity (IPO'd last Friday), and we didn't know Unity was going to "go" last Friday, coincidence but it added to our color for why sharecount is so very important if you want to convert your love for products and companies into a buy price for which you will want to patiently wait to get into your favorite stocks and make them profitable over the long term. BAEmail ditr@moneybutton.com if you want advanced noticed on when the video drops. It's not a video for everyone, but mainly for folks who want to sharpen their equity analysis skills so they can act on stocks more professionally. The series is like a "master-class" for investing.