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I like Twetch, but I've made more money on Powping in one day than after days on Twetch. Maybe everyone is feeling generous because Powping is still new??
bender tipped:
0.18 USD
1 year ago
i was here for 1 minute and made close to a dollar... i'm calling home to tell the good news. 😅 thanks@brian
brian replied:
No problem@bender is a great follow, everyone!
I hate to say it..but people on Twetch are kinda cheap.
brian replied:
Yeah, some days I feel like I'm swiping and swiping but get nothing in return. What is the major difference between the two? I heard that Twetch saves data directly on-again, while Powping doesn't. Is this accurate?
bender replied:
Thats what i understand as well, all twetch on main chain, pp offchain but any tip made goes onchain, interesting. I wonder who and if one will allow for post edits, kind of a difficult task onchain, i see we can delete our data from feed here, which has good and bad implementations. More good imo, its nice to be able to take control of our own data a bit more.
bitcoin_assassin replied:
Yes. Twetch saves your data on chain. Powping saves your data off chain. But I read something saying all the data is connected with your money button.