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According to you: what would a Bitcoin engineer's salary be ?
So we will have to build our own value 😭
We are in a piece of uncultivated land. I know that some Ethereum contract writers can get very high salaries. However, due to the unscalability of Ethereum, except the people who participating in the Ponzi scheme in an attempt to obtain high returns, almost no one is willing to pay expensive fees. So those projects that can really create value, they require extremely low fees, cannot survive. Compared with Ethereum, we still lack effective tools and protocols to write smart contracts, so it is almost impossible to make a living as a bitcoin engineer now.
adonsats replied:
"we still lack effective tools and protocols to write smart contracts" I will share something I have found so you will tell me what you think about. thank you.
venezia tipped:
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2 years ago
It should be relative to the amount of value they provide. I don't know of any Script based business ventures atm so a Script engineer wouldn't make too much.