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How about this one? Too much? Not enough? I need some help picking out my new COVID gear. It has to make a REAL impression and cause a little disruption while not breaking the law. If I do get arrested would anyone start a goFundMe to get me out? I will only be wearing my protective gear. That can't be illegal...not yet at least.
How come I'm receiving notifications of messages being on this thread and seeing the message in my notifications area, but they are not showing up on this feed...did@bsvfan delete messages after posting them 2 times or am I just not seeing them in my feed and only in my notification?
😆😅😅 need photos of this in effect, perhaps a camera feed of peoples reactions... its getting pretty crazy out there but i bet this still gets a reaction 😆
nenicloud replied:
I'll do it if I can afford this shit. I think that space suit is 30 bucks on amazon..I hate amazon, but crowdfund me the money to buy that thing, and I'll wear that bitch to the DMV when I renew my license in 2 weeks. I'm not really begging for bitcoin. I quite literally am running out of money though. I'm still in shock about how hard New Orleans is being hit economically. I've never seen it so barren for so long. If I went in the French Quarter with a space suit on, I'd look like Bruce Willis coming up from underground in 12 Monkeys. Ghost town.