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What is this?
manse replied:
Sliced Raw Octopus Yummy 😋🤣 https://youtu.be/GAEDZ47GOVY
Can you feel them moving in the stomach?
manse replied:
Unfortunately, stomach fluid is too acidic for small octopus to swim in the stomach. ☠️
eatmybitcorn replied:
Very unfortunate indeed.
manse tipped:
0.03 USD
1 year ago
manse replied:
산낚지(X) #산낙지 (O)
Yeah, no.
manse replied:
It's incredibly delicious.😋
mooncat replied:
Feel like one would get suck in the back of my throat with those suckers
manse tipped:
0.09 USD
1 year ago
manse replied:
Exactly! So have to chew well before swallow it! 😁