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@isaacmorehouse brought up a nice point during his panel: In-podcast marketing. Future BSV-enabled podcasts will be able to interject a book-discount on purchases of the book for which the author is the subject of the podcast. It could be a pause in the podcast, which demands a YES or NO action. YES = 25% off the book price, shippable as soon as the listener swipes. NO = please continue my podcast, I just wanna listen to the author bc I already own the book. Podcasts would become TWO-WAY interactions, as the author could get feedback on his book, even pay listeners to fill out survey questions about the book (so maybe he writes his next book with those surveys in mind?). This could be a bit annoying, but also fulfilling for the listener. But most importantly, 2-way interactions could be WIN-WIN.
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2 years ago
Nice idea, embedding a coupon in streaming media.