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I have a new@handcash handle. Used to be $canadian I'm now $brian What's your handle?
$chai How did you end up getting $brian at this stage?
brian replied:
I just took a chance by deleting the app and starting over... I just got lucky!
liam replied:
Haha that’s great. Thanks for ping on HC. I just realised there’s a respond with emoji option. Do you see that even tho I haven’t sent a tx?
brian replied:
Yup, your emoji response pops up as a notification
$ckabuya Is it possible to change?
brian replied:
Here's what I did: 1. Send Handcash money to a different wallet so you dont lose it. 2. Make sure you have your private key, just in case 3. Delete the app 4. Reinstall the app and start over by trying to find a name you like 5. Since the account is tied to your phone number, they let you have multiple handles Hope this helps!