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Hmm, just as we can have Money button and Relay, we can use and Twetch and Powping. Nothing wrong with that, is it? Why the unease?
Yes, some systems will work better than others. A lot of people I know are on fb but I just can’t use it anymore. I’m still trying to find the best bsv network that works for me, wont know until I start using it.
Limited time + network effects. People will hang out where the people they want to interact with also/already hang out. This is why most of my GenX friends and acquaintances still use Facebook. :(
misha_pelt replied:
Network effect is small in both cases still. I think both have own advantage and I am using both and likely will. How are you ? 😃❤
satoshidoodles tipped:
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1 year ago
Agreed. Choice is always best and I hope both thrive.
misha_pelt replied:
Me too :)
theres no incentive is using twetch over powping and its more bad for your mental health trying to monetize every thought
misha_pelt replied:
Sure, I don't think tough, that monetizing every though is the engine for everyone. Like Satan and Fib market, just chatting, sharing. Educating and entertaining. I like it. I understand, that it can feel frustrating, it is not easy to get interactions. The more rewarding tought is, if it happen.
cvpitvlist replied:
If you are just chatting why are you paying to chat? Why would I deliberately introduce frustration in my existence?
misha_pelt replied:
Well I can't speak for them, but its quite deep chats, so I guess for immortalizing it ? Liking the concept of paying for posting? One does not deliberately introduce frustration. It comes from not having reactions, but one does not know that beforehand.