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—————————————————————————————- I have a challenge... perhaps a company would find it interesting... 👇🏻 ———————————————————————————- Dr Vernon Coleman (who is calling for an open debate, but has no takers), has suggested Whitty & Vallance to set up a simple trial: "Compare 20,000 people who had the vaccine against 20,000 who haven't, measure the deaths and the injuries... this is a trial that would cost very little, but would tell us everything... but they won't do that, because I suspect they know, as well as I do, what the results would be." BSV's transparency would be ideal for this very simple and extremely valuable trial... you could get in touch with Dr Vernon Coleman to set up the trial details as he envisaged Lets get to basis and do what others wont... Why bullshit around the matter when that matter is measurable???
Warning... there are pharmaceutical salesmen going around intent on showing you how great their experimental junk is... I block them out of sight, but not until they offer their prospectus... 😆
They have done this test on much more than 20,000 people already. Does he think no one has thought bout this already? Lol they are called “clinical trials” and are much more accurate than “measuring injuries” of people outside of the clinic. I don’t know what you are whining about. Read up on it, and then make your decision about whether to take the vaccine or not. In the end it is your decision, just make up your mind and do what is good for you, without broadcasting your virtue signaling.
A bit related: many problems are caused by politicians who cannot acknowledge making bad decisions. Saying "Oopsy, I was wrong" can cause losing job and lifestyle. ;-)
glauce replied:
So right@pete... I switched them off in the early days of this palaver, couldn't take one more second of the mainstream cacophony crescendo... feels divine to be untouched by their bullshit, a genuine treat!
Dr Vernon Coleman - Medical trial at 13:33... Lets end this dividing discussion with facts, i.e., measurements! https://www.bitchute.com/video/m6Wg088BDwQs/
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