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Feature request: Groups which users can create so the global conversation can be split into smaller topics, like on Facebook. I guess this Team PowPing place/group is close to what I would like. When do you think I will be able to create such a group? How do you want to position PowPing compared to Facebook? Facebook without censorship of conservatives?
Nice suggestion! I have been thinking about this very thing for a while, so very happy to hear it... hurray for branching into focused group discussions
What kind of group would you like to create, for example?
bitcoinsteffen replied:
1) A group for people in a specific physical community / town so members can talk about all sorts of things which happen in that area. 2) Groups centered around a shared vision / ideology / belief. Examples: "Denmark out of EU", "Trump 2020". 3) Groups centered around a topic so people can share knowledge about it. Examples: COVID-19, Censorship, Climate change, Bitcoin SV, Yoga, First-time mother. 4) Combinations of the previously mentioned kinds. Example: COVID-19 in Danish/Denmark. Things like medical regulation, treatment opportunities, etc. will be different in different areas. People want to talk about what is relevant in their own location, not so much what is happening on the other side of the globe. And they often want to do it in their own language, which may not be English. Groups like the ones mentioned above exist today on Facebook. Facebook just has some different group types/rules which the creator/owner of the group chooses, for example who can see what is written in the group (public/private group). I find that works well. In my view, the main problem with Facebook is that Facebook censor many politically incorrect views.