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If these token schmucks could only see the value in TAAL being eligible for holding in a Roth IRA... the premium on TAAL shares will drive this up like BTCG. Recall the BTCG premium hit $35k when BTC reached its ATH. A lot of first time investors are clueless. I would still hold out for US $1.30 prices again just in case. Buy patiently and you will get all you need. We are very early still and few rumors to justify today’s jump other than some mild fomo.
Yes. Unfortunately here in the UK can’t buy TAAL with a stocks and shares ISA yet. Would mean no capital gains for shares bought via the ISA. I’m very much looking forward to TAAL being listed on a larger exchange.. but maybe by then the price won’t be so favourable anymore.
seangray replied:
I think we have met all criteria for Nasdaq and submitted all the necessary filings. I don’t know how long it takes to process a listing, but I bet it is normal to take a year from filing date at least. My speculation is that we are close. In January we were below the required 35 million market cap minimum. We have exceeded it since April.
seangray replied:
Rumor is we list on TSX by end of September and that it requires audits to be completed. When we list on TSX there will be no excuse not to be on NASDAQ by February - April.
liam tipped:
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1 year ago
liam replied:
Great info. Any source on where the end of September timeframe is from?
seangray replied:
A call that this investor claims to have made to a Mathew https://ceo.ca/taal?b5228fb907b6
chief replied:
What did u mean by btcg ?
seangray replied:
BTCG is the Grayscale BTC trust.