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How does Streamanity deal with use of copyrighted music?
baltsar tipped:
0.01 USD
2 years ago
Dont forget everything you upload stays written forever on blockchain so its a hard game to play.The author still have all the copyrights and can sue you for abusing it and you just gave him an immutable evidence.Think about that
musiq replied:
AFAIK nothing on streamanity is on the blockchain. They just use bitcoin for payment and have no legal way to enforce illegal monetization.
kevi replied:
to upload stuff you need a money button and then mb broadcast your upload as transaction and it stays written and readable.corret me if i am wrong
musiq replied:
It would be stupid if they were actually uploading all their videos to the blockchain today. Each video can range from hundreds of megabytes to gigabytes. That will cost a lot and nobody is paying for that fee. How much did you pay to upload your video to Streamanity? So unless streamanity is subsidizing their user transactions like a communist (as they like to say), I don't think it's happening.
baltsar tipped:
0.02 USD
2 years ago
danlazo replied:
It's troubling that both of you are unsure as to what Streamanity is doing.
Good question. Feels like its wild west wild west. I can reupload stuff from youtube and earn money on their work.