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Are part of the people building in BSV close to CSW since the old days? Not saying this Is bad, just understanding. I mean: bitstocks, bank on bsv. Csw was creating one time ago. Weathersv made in Australia Brendan lee Australia Shadders Australia I think there are even more.
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It’s because Aussies shit code for breakfast. 🍺
Bitping Australia STN run from Australia Codugh Australia Tokenized Australia ElectrumSV New Zealand (a state of Australia) Bitcoin SV product owner Australia The list goes on :)
orac tipped:
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1 year ago
chrispin_kabuya replied:
What are we to do with this? Become Australian 🤣🤣🤣
shadders replied:
Easier said than done. They won't even let Australians into the country at the moment 🤣
robertogox replied:
Do you guys were working with Craig since the first Bitcoin related companies in AUS?
shadders replied:
No I don't think anyone on those lists was...
robertogox replied:
Amazing :)