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can I see who is joining channel I made? I am sorry if this is a dump question. I cant see it.
That information is not displayed publicly to anyone (including the admins) at the moment. It's kind of like reddit.
misha_pelt tipped:
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2 years ago
libs replied:
Is that a design decision or just haven't got round to it yet?
unwriter replied:
It’s a design decision. Many people may want to subscribe but without having to reveal their “membership”. But depending on what people want, I may add additional channel settings in the future so channels can be set up in the beginning to display this information publicly, or reversely, go completely private. What’s your thought?
libs replied:
Well a list of my channel's subscribers was the first thing I looked for. I think it would be handy for channel owners to see - but don't expect it to be public. But over time I guess you'll learn who the subscribers that matter are anyway - as they'll be posting in the channel.
misha_pelt tipped:
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2 years ago