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One of the best ways to learn is to go on podcast binges from the best in a field. You get not just information but you will absorb through osmosis the way they think. Very valuable but you need a good bit of exposure for it to work.
It’s like training a machine learning model. If you just feed your brain enough data it will be able to suss out patterns automatically. You just need enough data. The quality of the data will determine the quality of the model.
Share some specific episodes we might be interested in! 😛
jonathanaird replied:
It’s not about the individual episodes but a library of high quality content so you can see a bunch of different perspectives and piece together the thought process. Been binging a16z 😁
Reminds me of how I finally "picked a side" in 2018 before the hash war. Basically I binge watched/listened every video I could find on Youtube where Dr. Wright talked about his vision for Bitcoin, multiple times even, as well as quite a few interviews from the other side. A few months of intense studying later, it was pretty obvious which "version" would really be worth my time. In fact, for someone with no background in tech, it didn't click until at least 7 weeks later. But everything was crystal clear after that sort of a threshold. There was this one particular chilly evening that fall when I was walking home, listening to Dr. Wright talking about how lead would turn back to gold once the stolen goods were returned to the owner. I stood at the traffic lights, forgetting to cross the road and thinking... this is it.
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2 years ago
jonathanaird replied:
I remember the first time I happened to see Craig on video and I got completely hooked. That’s how I found out about BCH at the time. Totally transformed how I thought about crypto. He’s a great person to binge listen to!