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The three lanes of the road.

As a truck driver in Sydney, there are some older thinner roads where it's better to stay in the far left or far right of the lane, to avoid problems or relax, knowing that I won't have any problems.  Cars seem to not need to think of it so much. As Full Self Driving (FSD) becomes a thing, those vehicles may need to also utilise such a break up of a single lane into three or more.

What are your thoughts on this?

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Motorcycles also tend to do this. It is especially needed on wet surfaces. Staying in the tire tracks of cars where they have pushed out the water, and away from the center of the lanes where cars drip more oil helps keep the parts of the bike covered in rubber on the road.
oliver8008 replied:
Yeah, copy that. Well even in the truck I will in some very limited road sections actually go just over the line as I know the cars will tolerate. But it's rare I do that.