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RelayX Ft/NFT

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https://www.relayx.com/market/d0a3bfa3f676bff56c3abaecbd080454e9c2b4b06bd923596928d220f9173a86_o1 This NFT is to be paired with any orders placed that are being sent outside of the US. NOTE - Please contact me at ins1d30ut@pegged.digital before getting this NFT as some situations are more unique than others. This is simply meant to be a standard token that is to be paired with 1 single NFTee on any international orders. Special circumstances include but are not limited to multiple Tees being sent to a single address on one order, Canadian destinations, countries that restrict mail being sent from the US...This token would typically be paired with a single Tee order that is to be sent to the UK, Australia, New Zealand, & most European countries. International shipping is a tricky thing to handle when you don't own your own delivery service like Amazon does. ;) And customs varies country to country. Other contact info: https://twitter.com/TEE94451238
/ https://twetch.app/u/51697 / nfteebsv@protonmail.com Cheers!