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Angry Gregs lash out. Makes chopping off their heads that much easier.
kek glad you like my webms, I'm the retard who spams biz with them. I'll make more tomorrow. Converting to gif really butchers the quality though.
craigwright replied:
Based. And it sure does, i have to resize most of them down too from 720x720 to about 300x300 to fit the 5mb limit on here.
marc replied:
which software do you use to? I have a few good gifs, but they are all huge, like 6-9mb. The 3mb limit on the chans is only really friendly for webm, which I know is a problem for some phones.
craigwright replied:
https://ezgif.com/optimize woks well for optimizing and resizing.
marc tipped:
0.03 USD
1 week ago
marc replied:
Cheers. Biz is my preferred playground see you there!
craigwright replied:
Same brother, i'm there daily at least since early 2017. See ya there.