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Hi guys, I am starting to dip my toes into bsv development, and wanted to make a smart contract. Do you guys have any references to documentation? My initial approach was to write data using moneybutton or datapay and include some bitcoin script in the script attributes of the contract? Does this sound like kosher approach? Below are links i've been reviewing to learn about the topic: * https://wiki.bitcoinsv.io/index.php/Opcodes_used_in_Bitcoin_Script#Examples * https://docs.moneybutton.com/docs/mb-javascript.html * https://bsvdevs.com/index.php/detail/buildonbsv-com * https://github.com/unwriter/datapay
venezia tipped:
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2 years ago
pete tipped:
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2 years ago
Moneybutton can only set lock script as far as I know.
arbiteroffun replied:
yea thats the challenge i'm trying to figure out at the moment. i've sent a simple contract up but it is currently locked.. https://whatsonchain.com/tx/e552b319dadc3be03ae0c3332d34454b382faabaa1522bc0979dbed0ba58f30e
https://medium.com/@xiaohuiliu <--- for django guys
send a transaction to x and you already know how to make a smart contract.
arbiteroffun replied:
appreciate the help, my interpretation is that x can be arbitrary, i.e another wallet address or transaction?
adonsats replied:
any wallet. a standard bitcoin transaction is already a smart contrat 😌