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Cancelled my NBA League Pass-- watching New Orleans Pelicans basketball just doesn't seem so exciting lately. Watched exactly zero full games of the NBA playoffs-- maybe a quarter or two of a Miami-vs-Lakers game before determining the league was about as fair as the WWF. I've been an NBA zealot for the better part of a half dozen years, starting in Sam Hinkie's 2nd year. Will divide all the time between two things: 1. Work, working on making BSV better via any means possible, particularly www.SLictionary.com which is a huge project currently in a small wrapper (like Amazon was just a book store for dorks in 1995) 2. Kids sports. Should be a full time job anyway, maybe can incorporate sitting in the stands to a BSV project? What could you build with a macbook and and sweaty air and some time spent when kid is on the bench? Will still try to keep up tho, as it's the ownership, GM decisions, and coaching machinations that interest me more than the basketball itself. In that light, Morey and Joshie in 76er-land are perfect for me. It means either JoJo to Miami or Simmons gets the hell out of here and go wins something. Who WOULDN'T like to see what JoJo could do if Pat Riley got his ass in shape, and then centered a team more around a center? Center is now universally the most disrespected position in Basketball, and it seems right for exploitation by the right organization. Thought that could be Portland, with Whiteside. But that organization too silly to make a difference, signing the cancerous ball-hog known as "Melo" and then furthermore ruining their chances by starting injured Nurkic over Whiteside. Silly silly organization.