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Because people keep asking for the source of the "ZSO"s. It wasn't a paper on ZSOs, but an overall release statement from nChain about the "Rails" update which has several facets-- including an exciting dust-collection method which allows "conservation of BitCoin"-- which sounds very appropriate and makes some economic sense as well. Here's the quote on ZSOs: "the creation of dust outputs themselves are still limited to some degree by the dust limit. This limit will be removed entirely by the end of the year allowing even 0 value outputs. In the meantime the 1.0.5 release of bitcoin has at least fixed the hard limit and made it a function of the relay fee set by the Miner. This means that Miners who have upgraded to 1.0.5 should accept outputs greater than 140 satoshis." source: https://bitcoinsv.io/2020/09/16/beyond-micropayments-the-rise-of-nano-services/ There's also a strong mention of them on BitCoin SV wiki, if memory serves it's on the definition for "vout" or outputs, as part of the definition. It is there they are given the "official" name "ZSOs" or zero-satoshi-outputs. I think you can also find OP FALSE RETURN on same page.
and I should note, this is NOT the source of the Zacklees.