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Today I begin beta testing the Prime Holistic Club membership card NFT (non fungible token) on bitcoin. I recently opened a Holistic Shop in the Pennsylvania. My shop offers organic food, snacks, beverages, flower, teas, coffee, oils, soaps, rubs, lotions, and pet products. At the shop, we've been working on setting up a members only club for customers, and working on defining the protocol for the membership rewards. How the club card works: Everyone who joins the Prime Holistic Club receives a membership card with their member number stamped on it. Each card has 12 blank squares. When another customer visits the shop on referral of a club member, that club member receives a stamp in one of their squares. When all 12 squares are stamped, the club member receives a special reward, (to be determined at a later date). Each club member's card is registered as a NFT, and a "reward" amount is locked into the token. As an NFT, in store transactions that fill the requirements for a "stamp" on the card, are documented on the NFT. After 12 "stamps" are completed on the NFT, the "reward" funds are unlocked, and the member receives the reward funds. The "rewards" are being tested with USDC as the rewards, but a secondary fungible token exclusively for the holistic shop will be created to provide a better experience for the customer when redeeming the rewards in the shop. Join the club: https://primeholistic.club
pete tipped:
kurtoverley tipped:
Where in Pennsylvania?
guru replied:
In Norristown, PA! Stop on by we are open 7 days a week! 213 E. Main St. Norristown, PA
Near the old digs (KofP), nice. Will stop-in next time out that way. Thanks!
This building (distinctive corner door) used be the "Pitts Bar" back when I used to drive past it every morning on the way to High School. Sadly never got to go inside. Figured if name was Pitts they'd owe you a free beer.
guru replied:
haha I don't think Pitts is around anymore but a free beer would be nice!