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Sure it's my fault I wrote an article on PowPress and then hit save a bunch of times, and powping didn't save the article bc I was logged in as one money button user and not the money button account for which I was logged-in in that browser, but I could've at LEAST copy-pasted my work had I known that nothing was actually being saved. Like a warning. So work is lost, and wasn't able to figure that out until later. for this reason, will have to stick to medium for a while, unfortunately, as I think PowPress is actually better in many ways to Medium. But reliability is not yet one of them. Recommendation: If logged in as X but money button doesn't match X and says Y, then warn the user that their work is in danger or that the log-ins are crossed. That way user can take action. Maybe i'm the only user with this problem, but hey, we're at least faithful users! Squeeky Wheel.
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1 year ago
First off, don’t trust medium either, ideally your writing should be done locally in a text file or even Word, before pasting it into an online app to finish it off. Secondly, PowPing is an experiment run by a single developer on an emerging platform, it’s always going to be shaky compared to something mature like medium. Your use case is pretty specific, juggling accounts like that, you are just asking for trouble on a website not even in beta.
Yep, definitely "asking for trouble" but that's the nature of dogfooding.
Feedback, whether negative or positive, is developer superfood.
sandysmoothie replied:
“Dogfooding” is actually an organization using its own app regularly to test it in a real world situation.
Yes, in this case of "dogfooding" I mean dogfooding BSV apps instead of using muggle apps... https://www.slictionary.com/testit/muggle/35a944a7f8a59258beb80b606840141d11bed79801fde46348e31b05740d18e7