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Feature request: Paste images into post Today, if I want to create a post with an image on Powping then I have to 1) create a file with that image and 2) click the image button and 3) click the Choose File 4) find and select the file 5) click Open On other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook I can just copy and paste the picture which is much faster. @unwriter, can you create the same ease of use with image pasting here on Powping?
I really miss this 'copy-pasting of pictures' feature because I use it a lot on Facebook and Twitter. Copy-pasting is so much faster than having to create a file. @unwriter, is it time consuming to implement or is something else holding you back? Can I donate to having the feature implemented? It will be a big improvement in user experience and that is one of the things you need for the "normies" to come to this platform.