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Goodfellas laughing. Watercolor on Arches hot press paper (6.5x8.5in) When I'm done w/ the current large commission piece I'm working on I'll go back to explore painting popular memes and GIFs. Somehow these images are burned into our brains and we are able to quickly pattern match them from even a distance (e.g., hanging on a wall in a house). Putting pieces like this up in a gallery and witnessing the response has taught me that basing a painting on a familiar image is a great way to suck people in. These are the works I overhear people exclaiming out loud to their friend "Look! OMG!" and they seem to identify immediately. Often I hear people laugh when they see these and I love it because that is the whole point. There is almost always some humor in my work even though I take the craft itself very seriously/intensely.