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Powping is using multiple opreturns instead of the pipe (|) convention? BCH is considering multiple opreturns in order to support SLP token applications. I haven't linked them to the PR for this in SV's bitcoind yet: https://github.com/bitcoin-sv/bitcoin-sv/pull/16 w/@unwriter
bitcoinrealist tipped:
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1 year ago
People should take advantage of the multiple OP_RETURN capability more.
ivmidable replied:
Should I just go ahead and do the multiple op_return meta transaction? I've been holding off on it since we had the convo on undex >=D. Didn't want to break too much lol.
Was this not possible pre-Genesis?
derekm replied:
Conversations I had with@synfonaut and Brendan Lee at@jackcliu's CambrianSV Bali gathering led to privisional agreement to remove opreturn limits as part of Genesis and begin to consider kyuupichan's PR.
unwriter replied:
Yes it was enabled in Genesis. Don't know why people are not using it much
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1 year ago
richard replied:
@derekm, The Beer Engineer,@brendan, is 'ere 🍺
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1 year ago