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Somebody should tell Tomi Lahren and her friends: Strong, independent women threaten me just as much as strong, independent men. That is to say, they don't threaten me at all (unless they're coming at me with some kind of weapon). If you're strong and independent, more power to ya. You're just irrelevant to me unless we're doing business together. A strong, independent woman gives off the same vibe as a small man. That's just the way it is, and it's very unattractive to hetero men. That doesn't mean you need to change yourself to be liked by hetero men. I'm just telling it like it is from a straight man's perspective. If you're a strong, independent woman who don't need no man, and you're wondering why you can't get a good man, it's because you're looking for a straight man but straight men aren't looking for smaller men. They're looking for women who vibe feminine. Also, I've *never* witnessed a man say that he's a "strong, independent man." Why is that, do you think?
darkcloud tipped:
Nobody likes a woman who thinks she knows everything and talks too much.
alphalim replied:
That behaviour is ugly in a man and even uglier in a woman. 😏
darkcloud replied:
women who can't control their peace and men who can't control their tongue