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Moving on... + give Houston all picks needed... the process never worked and will never work, let them try to process if they still believe in that thing SIXERS 1) Surround Simmons with shooters 2) Fix chemestry issues in Philly ROCKETS 1) Move Harden before he gets older 2) Harden was visibly apathic - he couldn't care less these Playoffs 3) They need to move on from Harden, they both need a fresh start after 7 years? 4) Get younger, get picks, still be relevant in the West
john tipped:
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2 years ago
No way. I can see something Embiid for Harden going through, but T. Harris is a negative contract. I don't see Houston eating that one. I'll come up with my own shortly
jack replied:
I say straight up Harden for Embiid, throw in Mike Scott for contract matching. Rockets can't give up four rotation players for two while adding salary
Harden + Simmons, would love to see that! Not to mention getting defensive sharp-shooter Covington back (underrated 3P shooter bc if he didn't play defense HARD like most 3P shooters his numbers would be wayyyy higher). This trade makes me feel sorry for Hinkie's mentor. Not the biggest fan of Darryl, but doubt the Suxers organization/lowner is smart enough to pull something like this off. Best outcome for Bennie Dimes is to get the hell out of my city and go actually win something before his body falls apart. Lastly: "Harden visibly apathetic"? Perhaps it's easier to count the days he's NOT visibly apathetic!? LOL. Bennie Dimes for Nawlins' B.I. straight up. The final chapter of the ColangeLoser-family-Sixers saga. Does that one work in the trade machine?