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Anthony de Mello

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A church or synagogue needs to raise money if it is to survive. Now there was once a Jewish synagogue where they did not pass the collection plate around as they do in Christian Churches. Their way of raising money was to sell tickets for reserved seats on Solemn Holy Days for that was when the congregation was the largest and the people most generous. On one such Holy Day a kid came to the synagogue in search of his father but the ushers wouldn’t let him in because he did not have a ticket. “Look,” said the youngster, “this is a very important matter.” “That’s what they all say,” the usher replied, unmoved. The lad became desperate and began to plead. “Please sir, let me in. This is a matter of life and death. I’ll only be in a minute.” The usher relented. “Well, OK if it is so important.” he said. “But don’t let me catch you praying!” Organized Religion has its limitations, alas! 🙂