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Jobs and Bitcoin

Steve Jobs played a major role in inspiring thought and creativity in this wonderful space.  People generally love him or hate him it seems.  Maybe some people are indifferent.  I loved my first Apple MacBook from 2009.  I also loved Apple.  I didn't know much about Steve Jobs but heard he was a visionary.  I just thought the machine and OS worked together so well and the 'experience' was pretty enjoyable. 

I eventually used that Macbook for about 6 years without any problems.  I started looking in to the Apple business model a little bit and learned that Steve Jobs took a planned obsolescence approach so that products would be obsolete after about 7 years in the computer industry.  I thought he was an ass hole for 'planning' the obsolescence of Apple's products after 7 years.  I didn't understand his way of thinking at the time.  I think I do now and respect his perspective, but I do not think rushing products was ultimately the best business strategy for a few reasons.

I think that NeXT would have been possibly the most revolutionary thing to happen in tech had Jobs been able to focus on that project without the distractions of bringing Apple back to life.  If I understand correctly, he did bring NeXT to Apple, but I don't think he was able to dedicate enough time to that project , which led to it being considered something of a failure in certain respect.  Did the iPod and iPhone get in the way of something more important?  Possibly.

I will continue sharing my thoughts on this matter starting *now* in Blog about Jobs, the next page.

-ins1d30ut (one perspective from a Gemini)

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Good read!
whiterabbit replied:
thanks It's a work in progress. There is a tight correlation between NeXT and *now*. Even if it is just inspired by.
whiterabbit replied:
Thank you. I am not finished so stay tuned@monbon