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I was under the impression the chat feature promoted on Twetch was something of a breakthrough. I now learn that all chats are not on chain. What is the added value of this feature if off chain? Am I missing something?
Yeah they did market it as a bleeding-edge tech thing lol. That's Twetch for ya! I'm thankful for nicer places like PowPing.
That you can chat with people encrypted via Twetch? Why does it need to be on chain?
river replied:
And also... why would you want your private chats on chain....
danlazo replied:
For only $10 lol
river replied:
Id rather pay $10 for piece of mind that nobody except who I allow to read my messages can read them, than have a messenger app for free and only god knows what is happening to my data.
danlazo replied:
Telling my friends, "Dinner tomorrow night?" is not worth $10. Maybe if I had super secret info to share.