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Total Economy: 0.05 USD
Bourbon Street still dead.
swandive tipped:
0.05 USD
1 year ago
here are the web jobs available right now on Craigslist...is Craigslist dead? Are there no jobs in New Orleans? Incentivizing education. Incentivize children to learn. Learning and growing is valuable. Invest in someone else's education. Especially, a child's.
Check it out...ghost town in terms of job availability.
So weird, and now they take our togo drinks away.
nenicloud replied:
I have been working in hospitality for 20 years in the New Orleans/Baton Rouge area. Have you used Craigslist to get a restaurant job or bar tending gig in New Orleans before? There used to be jobs...more than just doordash and ubereats jobs.
swandive replied:
I worked as a bar back once awhile back when things got slow but that's about it. This really hurts the economy here, I think it's doing more damage than good.
nenicloud replied:
I completely agree. I have never been in a position where I literally can not find work in this area with my current skillset that I have developed over 20 years. I don't earn enough bitcoin to sustain at this particular point in time, but if it were not for bitcoin, I might be a little more uneasy about my future. I am developing new skills every day and can carry over management skills (from being an executive chef/restaurant management) and apply them to things within this ecosystem, but I am not sure what more I can do right now besides continue learning and establishing a solid network with other people and make it mean something so that in the near future, we can work together to achieve something we have a common interest in pursuing regarding business with the ultimate goal being in a good position to provide for ourselves and our families. That includes improving relations with others for the benefit of future generations.
swandive replied:
Check your Baemail when you get a chance
nenicloud replied:
i have a chance...checking it now.