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Is there a Slack workspace or some kind of server for sharing code and asking code related questions? Or do we just use PowPing? I feel like there should be something similar to the Twetch Mattermost server for PowPing. I would also love some information on how@unwriter started developing powping. It would be awesome to be able to access a github repo for powping and check out the code it started with, and then see all of the additions that were made over time in chronological order for each commit. It could be something that@unwriter could actually monetize by adding the ability to unlock commits by paying in Bitcoin. ;)
There is a slack, Atlantis I think it's called?
electrumsv replied:
It's not very active any more, and not used as far as I know for this sort of information related to powping. -- rt12
nenicloud replied:
I am in that workspace. not a lot going on.