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Bitcoin SV

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Total Economy: 0.02 USD
Is there anyways to buy $1-2 of BSV using a credit card?
glauce tipped:
0.02 USD
1 year ago
Moneybutton.com has this feature now.
No. But we're fixing that.
bitcoinsteffen replied:
https://buybsv.com/. I think it was created by coinify.com in cooperation with Calvin Ayre. I am not sure. I haven't tried it.
token_squatting replied:
I went through all the apps on the metastore and couldn't find one without an ~$50 minimum
Wouldn't the credit card company charge you more then that for the privilege? I am asking this because I am also curious about the ins and outs of buying BSV with credit card (small and/or large purchases).
token_squatting replied:
Visa charges about $0.10 for the privilege, it would be a nice way to show them how far their dollar goes with Visa vs how far their dollar goes with BSV
glauce replied:
Thank you@token_squatting! That sounds a lot more reasonable than Mastercard, they add daily charges as if you had withdrawn money from a cash machine.
glauce replied:
And yes, I like that... let them know the distance with BSV!