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Presenting to you all my attempt to understand and explain the technology that stands to change the way we do interactions on the internet and the world of finance and data privacy. A book that takes you to the entire technology specifications of bitcoin and application development methodologies like Metanet, Planaria and a whole lot of development protocols Bitcoin Blockchain: Protocol for Micropayments by BPB PUBLICATIONS A biggener's guide for learning about the original vision of Bitcoin, which now exists as Bitcoin SV. The book is a primer containing the needed details (Bitcoin Protocol, Cryptography, Application level protocols, payment and token protocols and much more) for IT professionals with little to no background on blockchain/bitcoin. Find it on Amazon India : https://lnkd.in/gjk-pUg International : https://lnkd.in/g52pi9x #bitcoin #blockchain #blockchaintechnology #payments #bitcoinsv
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1 year ago
Damn 455 pages? That's a lot of proof of work. Great job!
kapil replied:
🙂 thanks