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I want to start a discussion on what people think is holding back BitcoinSV. I'll get denigrating the competitors out of the way in the most balanced way I can. BTC is a petrock, but its the most emotive meme in crypto, so it appears to be a sustainable petrock that can increase in value. Because of gas prices, the only justifiable transactions on ETH have to be speculative. Fortunately for ETH, they have an incredibly sophisticated mini casino nicely set up to take advantage of that. But that's just two umbrella use cases out of the millions of possibilities. BSV can do 200 million transactions a day, and that's going to go through the roof in the future (i.e. Teranode). Its got low fees, that like Shadders says, should go lower in the future. And now with stuff like powping, moneybutton, relayx, TDXP et al...BSV applications are getting into the ballpark. So opinions people, why isn't BSV getting more traction? What do we need to see to drive that further forward?
BSV isn’t being held back, the speculative price is being held back. Speculative price pumps will just result in pump and dump market trends that don’t contribute to bitcoin as people will just be buying to make fiat gains. All I see is growth on BSV and a relatively consistent price. Nothing wrong with that.
pete tipped:
I think BSV is actually doing very well. Being in crypto there's a sense of slowness - but I think a lot of fake or overhyped announcements in the space, leading to price pumps has conditioned lots of people to expect something big every week to happen. Building takes time. And as far as I can tell - poking around different apps, talking to builders in the space etc, there is a lot of impressive stuff being built.
sandysmoothie replied:
Examples of the impressive stuff?
liam replied:
Tokenized.com is pretty impressive. Playhaste.com/?referralId=chai and Hona.io are all pretty impressive.
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The biggest thing holding it back right now, hands down, is Craig Wright. He stifles innovation, he stifles mainstream confidence, and any interest is overwhelmed by his ongoing court cases. No one is going to touch BSV while this goes on.
I feel he has to establish a precident, in a court of law. Once that is established ANYONE using bitcoin or the bitcoin blockchain or it's data, can be shut down.
sandysmoothie replied:
Literally no one gives a fuck about that, at all. While he is doing that, other coins are rocketing forward and by the time he is done it will be too late, even less people will care than they do now. And for marketing purposes, few things kill excitement like litigation.
liam replied:
I think you're counting price increases as 'rocketing forward'. What chains have seen exponential paid transactions? There might be - I would be curious to know. But announcements of partnerships etc I don't think are legit until real cash is changing hands - i.e. miners getting paid for use. Not saying BSV has that either though - lots of announcements of announcements. Things do look promising but I wanna see onchain txs skyrocket. Atm there's a big usecase for the crypto casino. People are very willing to dish out $10-$20 in fees to take advantage of 25% moves. But at some point that comes to an end and that business model won't work anymore. Or it will continue to work, but on a chain that offers far cheaper fees.
sandysmoothie replied:
I wasn't thinking at all about price. Ask the average person about crypto, what is the first word that comes to mind? Most people think BTC *is* crypto. And which one is being sold right in the PayPal and Venmo interface, the average Joe has right in front of him that he can buy with a click? After that, some people might know Dogecoin these days. Think about Elon Musk, what is he Tweeting about? No one knows what BSV is or what it does, and out of the ones who have heard about it, 90% of them think it's a scam because of Craig Wright. I can't even buy a single fraction of BSV in New York, it's delisted. Most of the talented developers have already left BSV because of it's toxicity. So when I say "rocketing ahead" I mean it will be almost impossible to catch up here. History is full of superior platforms that were left in the dust when lesser ones got a leg up (VHS and Betamax for example) and even more so today when it's so hard to get attention. I could end up being wrong, but it all hinges on one man at this point.
liam replied:
You say you are not thinking at all about the price. But then you say "ask the average person about crypto". I would argue all the average person knows about crypto is the price. They see headlines like "Tesla buys $1.5bn of BTC. Price Smashes Through $45,000". I saw adverts around London just yesterday saying "if you read about Bitcoin on the underground, it's time to buy". So I disagree when you say it will be impossible to catch up. All BSV needs to do to "catch up" is increase 10x or 100x. It'll get plastered all over the mainstream media and the average person will now suddenly know about it. Meanwhile the people who have sifted through the signal from the noise have been building some incredible things ontop of BSV. Things that will deliver real value and lead to sustainable price increases.
sandysmoothie replied:
Well maybe you are right, all it needs to do is jump 100 times in value, which is exactly what Craig Wright doesn’t want. I heard this morning that MasterCard is getting in on the game, so the sooner it can jump, the better. And I just don’t see these “incredible” things being built on BSV, they all look cheesy to me, solve nonexistent problems, or are super shaky. All the best devs left BSV ages ago, the only ones left are hobbyists.
The tech and dev. are way out in front of actual usability, we all see the potential but we haven't built it yet and MESSAGING. As Pete said marketing.
euan tipped:
euan replied:
I think a great point in that image really is that no one cares how it works! So are we giving up on the virality and just partnering with companies that can integrate it? One thing I'm aware of is sure BSV transactions are cheaper than Visa / Mastercard...but only because of the profit they are charging. Their centralized rails are crazy low cost. To the extent censorship resistant is the benefit vs Visa where does that leave the integration story. Maybe this is why China is the opportunity for BSV, because BSV is a clearer improvement for them. The other point that fascinates me is BSV is super low cost partly because the token is cheap. But is it possible to get share of mind without exciting people with the speculative token bit.
Some big companies are going to throw some heavy money at this, to make it go away. That is why Craig is setting precedence in courts. Competition IS lawful. One thing BSV won't fix is GREED and STUPIDITY.
Marketing is something that has room for improvement. :-)
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