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Out of all of the BSV developer tools out there right now, which programming language should one try and learn right now? As in, which language are these tools mostly built to support? I'm assuming it's some kind of JavaScript.
If you're literally looking for a language to learn to build on BSV, then I'd say its a no brainer - JavaScript. It has the broadest range of tools and is a relatively easy language to learn. But you have options. I'm doing loads with Elixir which can offer you some nice server-side scaling goodies.@stephan's twostack sdk is Dart which I don't know much about but I think is worth looking at if your thinking about cross-platform native app development.
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1 year ago
Unwriter's Planaria tools are JavaScript although many can be interfaced via http so are somewhat agnostic. MoneyButton's BSV library is JS.@libs has some good alternatives in Elixir.
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1 year ago