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Bitcoin Script

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Total Economy: 0.03 USD
This is a bit old but it's a good Bitcoin Script challenge for new Script-ers! How do I unlock this? First winner gets my $0.02
Looks like a multisig puzzle, but yes 0, 0 will unlock it.
joe replied:
venezia tipped:
U meant OP_LESSTHANOREQUAL, Otherwise OP_0 OP_0 would unlock it? https://powping.com/posts/466fc82432baa9312ecb32c521fede0832a431142fddb40336b1d711bd5203e7
venezia tipped:
joe tipped:
adonsats replied:
joe replied:
I meant it the way it is. But your solution is correct :P. 0 0
may be the unlocking script need an integer somewhere ? who want to share this bounty with me, so we can break this script together ?
this looks like a multisig... still refreshing... 🧐🤓
I am refershing.... 🧐