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PDF support comes to Powping! No need to do anything fancy, just upload like you would upload any other file types, and it will auto-detect and render PDFs. Here are some examples: - Bitcoin Whitepaper: https://powping.com/posts/495c20e1c2848db7953ff62330cf9705526264be32aef40ddab115cc8b01ca4f - Lego Patent: https://powping.com/posts/efb25e57533777a091a2954e2df26f88d86411ff76fb443b8fb428ac2be58db7
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Nice, it would be great if we could zoom on mobile.
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Great feature.
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P.S. Please don't upload illegal content. Remember, you are cryptographically signing everything you upload and they are stored with immutable transaction IDs, so there will be no plausible deniability.
andyg replied:
This is gonna be my last post here. (Same for@bitcoinappdev.) It's gotten too absurd for me, at this point, how people think the blockchain is law. Money Button doesn't have KYC. Craig even denied that on-chain signatures calling him a fraud happened, because they didn't have KYC. Someone else could walk up to or maybe even remotely hack into your computer and upload anything using your cryptographic signature if they are savvy enough. People have bouts of insanity and do crazy, illegal things - and there's also incompetence / developmental delays or stagnation - which can also provide plausible deniability to some degree of harm or potential harm caused, i.e. claiming they didn't realize it was illegal to upload a copyrighted song to the blockchain because everyone does it on YouTube. I understand the good intention. But the bottom line is that the same can be said of a Gmail. Technically it is evidence of me doing something... up to a reasonable point that considers the entire context of our limited omniscience.
andyg replied:
* e.g. not i.e.
Now you can share academic papers or technical documents on Powping https://twitter.com/_unwriter/status/1310587210186600451?s=20
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