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Imagine you open your wallet, recommended by Bitcoin Association, used for 2 years... and your coins just gone. Despite your password, despite antivirus, firewall, everything clean. I am really astonished, I cannot really think is real. What is most weird, it is the 2 deposits before taking all coins. If it was a scam site, scam wallet, there would not be two deposits. The coin would just leave. So I am really waiting@electrumsv or some genius here, to tell me what it is this. Why I have to loose 1,400$ earned working, like this. (the seed words written in a paper... )
baltsar tipped:
https://www.electrum-bsv.org/ Fake site is still here.
kenshishido replied:
Do not download from the above site.
As I wrote on the other post, please use our "report a problem" link on Github, fill out all the details and we will try and work out what happened. https://github.com/electrumsv/electrumsv/issues/new/choose
I really hope you get the BSV back. 😕
framore replied:
but the traceability of the chain... of what use is ? you can see where the coin is, but if there is no entity to stop it and coming back, what this traceability is good for ?