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Best ramen I ever had was surprisingly in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, called Orochon Ramen. I had ramen in Japan, Korea, Thailand, Europe, US and probably more.. But it was by far the most delicious... If you are ever in LA, try it. What is your favorite ramen place?
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2 years ago
RAMEN SURPRISE: Home made ramen using all the leftovers I can find in the fridge.
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lambocoinn replied:
My favorite ramen restaurant in LA is a restaurant in Burbank, forgot the name but it is really good.
lambocoinn replied:
Nice. I dont think i ever tried ramen in Burbank
Did you do the spicy ramen challenge? https://youtube.com/watch?v=xW5NmGvxKFo
lambocoinn replied:
No i did not... lol I always had no.2, which is the 4th spicy level at the restaurant
Looks like they can do it so hot you sweat more liquid than was in the bowl
lambocoinn replied:
Yes it is ridiculously spicy! I never tried the Special #2 .. My mouth gets watery just thinking about how it would be like