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“Today’s Sponsor” A simple website with one full page advertisement (in reality it would just be a url and a tiny bit of code that programmatically updates the href / bref to content already on chain each day), nothing else. Oh no... ads!...well hang on a minute... The ad runs for 24 hours (starting and stopping at 9AM EST) There’s also a sister site “Tomorrow’s Sponsor” which runs a simple auction. To place a bid you must include a link to the content that you want displayed on Today’s Sponsor if you win the auction. At 9AM the winning bidders content is displayed at Today’s Sponsor (.com or whatever). Until the 24 hours is up and the cycle repeats. Starts as a novelty but maybe it lasts a long time and the average winning bid sizes start to creep ever higher. Maybe some creators embed Today’s Sponsor in their sites (it’s easy to do this with the BSV protocol after all) as a lark. At first it’s just memes winning the auction for $.03 then one day you wake up and grandma is logged into the Metanet and it’s Coca Cola winning Today’s Sponsor for $20,000. I’d think that a subset of BSV users would actually choose to browse to it each morning as part of their routine... “just to see who’s paying for today.” This is my playful BSV twist on the idea of “subsidized time” in Infinite Jest where the years are sponsored. The best part (in my opinion, hah) is that if you choose to build this before I get around to it, you can simply code the winning bids payment transaction to split off a portion and send that percentage to me if you feel the idea inspired you to take action and build it. To me, sharing ideas openly and publicly without the fear of “losing out” is part of the promise of the Metanet. At least it could be. Sure... someone can build this (or any of the other original ideas in this thread) and then choose not to transactionally credit the “founder” with even a portion of the proceeds. But this comment will be here forever. And because of that, I suspect that antisocial behaviors like what I described will actually be reduced quite a lot. I’m excited to use all of the new things people come up with. Good idea for a channel Isaac. Thanks brotha
I had a misunderstanding, It appears that powping content is not stored on the BSV chain yet. So the bit about “this comment being here forever,” is as of today, not true. I look forward to diving deeper in powping. I wonder if the roadmap includes posting to chain as twetch does. Nevertheless, still a fun conversation.
hammerbrook replied:
Your content itself isn't stored on the Bitcoin blockchain. Rather, "Every action you take is immutably signed by your Bitcoin wallet's Paymail and publicly distributed through the social network. Because of the public nature, everything on the site is a cryptographic evidence." https://powping.com/about IMHO it's great when comments aren't physically stored on the Bitcoin blockchain, and instead only the hashes are. For one thing, for example, if you look back, people might not want their social media posts to be there publicly forever, because people change and grow.
Hi.My English is not very good, I don't know if I misunderstood you. Here's what I think: I think of a person who made a similar website more than ten years ago, dividing the home page into 100 grids (the specific number has been forgotten), and then looking for merchants to advertise in it. At that time, the Internet was just emerging in China. Now BSV is really convenient to pay for people in different countries around the world. So it's not limited to one city or one country. But as a viewer, Why they watch every day?I think you can think about it again. Because bsver are all human beings, there is no difference.For example, what's interesting in it, or business gifts, or financial incentives, all kinds of things
ercfre replied:
Hi Maggie, Very interesting. What was that Chinese service called? Does it still have an active webpage or is there an archive of it I can pull up? Re: humans still being humans you are absolutely right. However I don’t think that necessarily precludes the notion of (some) people intentionally exposing themselves to one ad per day as part of their content consumption. I think of it as being similar to a global (to the network) billboard. The idea being that some people, motivated by curiosity alone, might want to know the answer to: “Who is paying to get their message out there today? And how much did they pay to do so?” Because BSV is in its infancy, I believe it would be possible to latch on to the network effects early and become a cute little corner of the Metanet. I could be way off base. Due to the extreme simplicity of the concept, perhaps I will just build it and see what happens. The only piece of tech that I am unaware of existing or not is the auction functionality. But if it does exist I will set about building it soon.
maggie replied:
The Chinese service existed for a short time.The diffierence is the merchants need to buy a long time and not bid.I think it is not diffucult to build,and I have bit something with bsv,so you can ask for some help. BuildonBSV.com, https://bitcoinsvdevelopers.com .