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Will you give up your BS with me?

Will you give up your BS with me?

I used to be a brand loyalist.

And I noticed one thing.

Some people would buy anything just because it said “Apple” on it.

And some people would NOT buy something just because it said “Apple” on it.

Both types of people were problematic, but the second type was worse.

Anything-Apple fans were POSITIVELY OBSESSED toward the products.

But Never-Apple haters were NEGATIVELY OBSESSED against the products.

Both were problematic, but the venom and vitriol from the second group far outdid the first.

I noticed the same thing in the last four years of politics.

Have you noticed this pattern?

Brand loyalty has its place

Brand loyalty has its purpose. And that purpose is removing the need to think deliberately.

Once upon a time, the choice was clear. Want a portable cassette player?

Duh, Walkman.

Want the best TV?

Duh, Sony Black Trinitron.

(Yes, I’m that old.)

Eventually, audio cassettes became obsolete, and so did Sony Walkman.

Cathode ray tubes were supplanted by LCD TVs, and Sony had to source LCD screens from Samsung.

Situations change, and we must be willing to let go of our brand loyalties in a moment, think again, and adjust.

Once upon a time, it was a no-brainer to choose a portable music player, the best laptop, and the best phone.

iPod, MacBook, and iPhone.

You can still argue which are the best brands, but you can no longer argue that the choice is a no-brainer.

Somewhere around Android 6, I, an iPhone loyalist, realised that it no longer made sense to pay four times more for something that was maybe two times better.

(At this point, I feel like buying Apple is paying more for something that isn’t any better except in a few non-essential ways.)

But that’s my opinion – and I’m sharing it because I don’t care if Apple removes my access to their press events (which they do to critical reviewers).

Anyway, let’s not pry open that can of worms.

This article isn’t about Apple or even other brands specifically, but it’s about obsession.

Lazy thinking can cause death

Once we allow our minds to get lazy and fall into one belief or another, we get trapped. Sometimes with deadly consequences.

In medieval days, people were dying because they used iron plates to eat, and they weren’t aware of invisible rust.

In the 1800s, patients died because doctors didn’t wash their hands between operating on patients.

Really. They had no concept of germs, so why waste time washing your hands between patients? That time could be better spent saving lives.

Ignaz Semmelweis, the doctor who posited that invisible particles were passing disease from patient to patient, went mad because no one believed him. Invisible disease-causing creatures sounded like so much voodoo, black magic and religious superstition.

Read up on the Semmelweis Reflex – the tendency to ridicule new theories: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semmelweis_reflex

Even today, when a modern-day theory is posited, it will likely seem hare-brained.

This is because it might be hare-brained.

OR it might be too advanced for our current paradigm to grasp.

If you were a doctor in Semmelweis’s time, you would either have to:

  1. Mock the truth that germs spread infection, or you would have to 
  2. Examine germ theory, find that it’s true, and then blow open your beloved paradigm to accommodate the deeper truth.

That choice faces us every day, now.

With the endless firehose of information that comes through the internet into your hand every day, you’re faced with this tiring choice to either mock and ridicule every hare-brained conspiracy theory, thus throwing out all facts along with fallacies, or else you’ll need to take the courageous path of examining the posited theories and find out which are facts.

But then you’ll still need to blow up your existing paradigm. And that’s never easy. It takes balls. Your mind needs balls. (Metaphorical balls. I’m no sexist.)

And what is a paradigm? It is a belief system, or BS.

Each of us has our own BS, and we need to give it up daily, to make sure we’re not still buying the best TV of the 80s to watch 21st century streaming movies on.

Will you give up your BS with me?

#entrepreneurREAL #selfimprovement


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mizterhutch tipped:
Loved it! Seems we are in this exact situation right now with BTC vs BSV huh? No doubt we are!!!
alphalim replied:
Yes, we are!